Who Do You Think You Are, AT&T?

Cell phone disturbances and poor etiquette are unfortunately nothing new to the theatre community. We’ve had Patti LuPone stop a show (2009), Patti LuPone take an audience member’s phone mid-performance (2015), a college student try to charge his phone on stage (2015), etc. Just when we thought this madness had ended AT&T released this ad…


I spent most of my summer inside Broadway theatres and was shocked by the lack of etiquette when it came to phone use during a performance. When I saw “An American In Paris”, I had to ask the man next to me to turn off his phone as he started to play a game during the overture. I mean, I get it. “An American In Paris” isn’t for everyone. Gershwin music and Tony Award-winning choreography are SO boring (HA!). With the price of a Broadway ticket skyrocketing, I find it ridiculous that someone would feel the need to do anything besides sit and enjoy the experience.

This ad is distasteful and extremely offensive to anyone who admires the theatre. It baffles me that this ad was even approved. Thankfully, AT&T is #NotMyService!

Here’s what the Broadway community had to say:




The ad has been removed from all AT&T’s social channels but people are still voicing their opinion on social media.

So, before you pull out your phone mid-performance, remember who’s watching…



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