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The Top Ten: Wicked’s Defying Gravity

Happy Wicked Day! In honor of 12 swankified years, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten “Defying Gravity” renditions:

10. Caroline Bowman

9. Donna Vivino

8. Jackie Burns

7. Kerry Ellis

6. Shoshana Bean

5. Lindsay Mendez

4. Willemijn Verkaik

3. Eden Espinosa

2. Idina Menzel

1. Stephanie J. Block

Here’s to 12 more years of teaching audiences around the world how to fly!


ICYMI: This Week’s Broadway Buzz

Get Connected With Bway Zone


A new, interactive website for the Broadway babies launched this week. Bway Zone allows the littles to be a part of the Broadway family by connecting with Broadway stars and sharing pictures and stories of their own.

Happy Anniversary, Wicked

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.38.40 AM

Wicked celebrates its 12th year on Broadway TODAY! This show has played over 5,000 performances and is number 11 on the list of Broadway’s long-running productions.

Anything You Can Do Megan Can Do Better

New York City Center presented Annie Get Your Gun: In Concert for two night only starring Megan Hilty (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), Andy Karl (Rocky), Chuck Cooper (Amazing Grace), Judy Kaye (Nice Work If You Can Get It), Brad Oscar (Something Rotten!) and Ron Rains (Follies). If you missed out, watch the clip above to see this Tony-honored cast.

The Most Spooktacular Broadway Playlist

Halloween is right around the corner! Celebrate the day with your favorite witches, murderesses, mean girls, kooky families, and many more…

Senator Feinstein Defines ‘Real Journalists’

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) stated in 2013 that the ‘shield law’ should only protect ‘real journalists’and their sources. In an amendment put forward by Senator Feinstein, ‘real journalists’ are defined as reporters for mainstream outlets which excludes bloggers and citizen journalists. This leads me to question if this is a justified definition of journalists.

Throughout history, there have been many journalists prosecuted or arrested for not handing over names of sources and information they gathered while reporting. The proposed ‘shield law’ or the Free Flow of Information Act protects journalists from revealing their sources or documents from the threat of federal prosecution. The Society of Professional Journalists states, “Under the proposed law, the federal government must prove to a judge that the information sought outweighs the journalist’s need to keep confidential information.”

This brings me back to the question of what’s the definition of a journalist. In journalism classes, we are taught that a journalist is an individual who takes on the responsibility of being the fourth estate and reports fairly and accurately. This definition does not touch on the argument of mainstream v.s. independent v.s citizen journalist.

In today’s changing digital space, I believe that there is no standard definition of a journalist. My definition of a journalist, synthesized from my studies, is an individual who objectively covers a story for the benefit of the people. It doesn’t matter if this individual is reporting for CNN, Talking Point Memo or just on their own. They have taken on the responsibility to serve the people with important information.

If Senator Feinstein and those that support her claims believe that a journalist is only someone who reports for a mainstream outlet, one wonders if they are aware of the content that citizen journalists have produced.  Citizen journalists have covered the Arab Springs and reported on Occupy Wall Street before many news outlets picked up the story.  No mainstream outlet was approving their content and it is important to note that mainstream outlets did pick up some of their coverage.  If anything, these journalists are individuals who report more honestly and fairly.

Regardless of education or employment, all journalists should be protected by the ‘shield law’. Without the passage of this law, many innocent journalists who believe it is their job to be the fourth estate might end up prosecuted or in jail.

ICYMI: This Week’s Broadway Buzz

Snapchat Broadcasts Broadway
IMG_6667On Wednesday, Broadway fans and performers gave Snapchat a little razzle dazzle! Snapchat featured an “On Broadway” live story which showcased shows including Hamilton, The Phantom of The Opera, The Lion King, Aladdin, An American in Paris, Jersey Boys and Wicked. Check out some of the great Snapchats from the night.  IMG_6658 IMG_6660 IMG_6659

Two Award Winning Hollywood Actors Star On The Great White Way

Actors AL PACINO (right) & BRUCE WILLIS at the 20th Annual American Cinematheque Award Gala where Pacino was honored. October 21, 2005 Beverly Hills, CA. © 2005 Paul Smith / Featureflash*** USA ONLY ***

This week marked the beginning of previews for Misery starring Bruce Willis and China Doll starring Al Pacino. Both productions are scheduled as limited engagements. Misery is set to close on Feb. 14, 2016, and China Doll on Jan. 21, 2016. You will not want to miss these performances.

Real Housewives Star Heads Back To Broadway
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.27.08 PM

NeNe Leakes is joining the cast of the hit musical Chicago for 4 weeks only! She will be stepping in as Matron “Mama” Morton from Nov. 23-Dec. 20, 2015.

Dames at Sea Opens on Broadway

The production docked at the Helen Hayes Theatre last night to mixed reviews. David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter said, “…with an appealing cast of six that makes its featherweight pleasures infectious.” Read all of the reviews here.

The Broadway League Announces Kids’ Night On Broadway Ambassadors

The League names Tony Award winner Kelli O’Hara (The King and I) and Academy and Golden Globe winner Marlee Matlin (Spring Awakening) as the 2016 Kids’ Night On Broadway National Ambassadors. Kids’ Night On Broadway allows for kids ages 18 years or younger to see a show for free with the purchase of a full-priced ticket. This event takes place in many cities across the country and throughout the year. Check for dates and locations.

Andrew Lloyd Webber “Rocks The Schools”

And the music kept rolling out in all of New York City. The award-winning musical theatre writer donated $150,000 towards new musical instruments to the City Of New York’s Fund for Public Schools. This is a part of a new initiative called “Rock the Schools”. Webber’s donation will help twenty public middle schools across the city.


To Censor Or Not To Censor

Would you publish the home address of a mass-shooter? Print the name of a minor? Journalists are constantly faced with these difficult decisions regarding censorship with a breaking story.

In school, we are taught to report fairly, accurately and be mindful of not publishing information that might cause harm to the person or group of people in the story.

I have recently read a troubling number of publications that have overlooked the importance of censorship. Of course, everyone’s code of ethics is different, but there are certainly rules that should be followed when a person’s safety is at hand.

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection expressed his concerns about censorship in the media. He said that he would never want his blog to publish the story that would destroy someone or make them more susceptible to harm. “We don’t start the witch hunt,” said Jacobson.

In 2013, Justine Sacco, former director of corporate communications at InterActive Corp, tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” People on social media found no humor in this tweet which led to the trending hashtag: #HasJustineLandedYet“.

Jacobson acknowledged that he would address a situation similar to this one on his blog once the story itself became news.

On October 9th, 2015, an article was published in The Ithacan regarding a racially charged party theme at AEPi. The publication broke the story almost immediately but missed one big factor. They attached a screen shot of the party’s invitation leaving both the name of the student who was inviting others and the address of the house in the picture. Social media did not take kindly to this information. Students and individuals around the Ithaca area threatened to visit the house and wrote strongly worded posts aimed directly at the student on the Official Ithaca College Class Facebook pages. All of those posts have now been deleted from the pages. In addition, The Ithacan reuploaded the screen shot of the invitation with the address and name of the student blurred out.


In no way am I supporting what AEPi or the student did, but am rather questioning if it is the media’s job to create the “witch hunt”.  The answer to this question is in the hands of the editors.

ICYMI: This Week’s Broadway Buzz

School of Rock Goes 360

It’s time to join the band, folks! The School of Rock released an immersive 360 music video for their song, “You’re In The Band”. School of Rock will be in session starting Nov 9, 2015. DON’T BE LATE!  Be sure to check out the cast this morning on TODAY.

The Gin Game Opens On Broadway


The Gin Game starring James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson opened on Wednesday to positive reviews. Charles Isherwood of the New York Times stated, “Mr. Jones and Ms. Tyson draw out all its nuances, as Weller and Fonsia bicker and make nice over a card table. These two superlative performers establish beyond doubt, if we needed any reminding, that great talent is ageless and ever-rewarding.” The Gin Game will be playing at the Golden Theatre through Jan. 10, 2016. Check out pictures from the starry opening night here.

“Miracles of Miracles”! Watch A Sneak Peak of The Fiddler On The Roof


Yesterday was Press Day at Fiddler on The Roof! Listen to this extremely talented cast sing a few favorites. IMPORTANT: Danny Burstein should start preparing his Tony speech…

#TrendyTuesday: SPOOKtacular Halloween Must-Haves

#TrendyTuesday- Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and I’ve found the most SPOOKtacular Halloween additions. Check out my latest blog post on Celebrity Baby Trends.

Independent Media Is The New Mainstream

Consider the exposé on the Standard Oil Company, the Invasion of Iraq, the 2008 Chinese earthquake, the leaked NSA documents. All of these reports were covered by independent journalists who understood that it was their responsibility to seek the truth and question authority. 

In 2005, a group of leaders of nonprofit press organizations decided that they wanted to work together to raise issues of human rights and economic justice.  The network that they created is called the Media Consortium which encompasses more than 60 media outlets focused on increasing the voice of independent journalism.

The Media Consortium has been successful since it’s time of conception.  They were one of the first outlets to cover Occupy Wall Street during the early days of protest and published the 47-percent video which arguably cost Mitt Romney the presidential election.

Going forward, government agencies and political leaders should be aware of what they say on and off the record.  We live in a 24-hour news cycle society where anything is fair game as long as it helps the American public.  In addition, we cannot rely solely on mainstream outlets who have failed us in the past. Independent journalists are ready to expose the injustices within the government and serve as a watchdog for the American public.

(The independent outlets) “are now playing the classic role of fourth estate in our democracy.” – André Schiffrin, Publisher of Patheon Books/Founder of the New Press.