Journalism Start Up

Digital Publisher Adam Westbrook posted, If the future of journalism is indeed entrepreneurial, we have to start thinking with a business hat on.” Within this digital space, journalists have the unique ability to create a start-up of their own and in some cases, make money on it. A start-up is an incredible idea that allows an idividual to follow his/her passions of journalism, perhaps in a niche market.

My passion is theatre, in particular, the Broadway community. For a mock start-up for a class assignment, I am planning on creating a space for journalism within the Broadway/ touring production industry. I follow many Broadway news outlets including,,,, to name a few. These outlets tend to do a good job of breaking Broadway news and creating digital content. Unfortunately, these outlets often serve as a primary platform to buy tickets and are muddled with Broadway advertisements.

For my mock start-up, I will create a digital space for Broadway news and interactive content.  Instead of much of the focus being on ticket sales and advertising, I hope to create a space where individuals can read what’s happening in the Broadway and touring community without distraction.


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